What makes SpamKill antispam-antivirus so great ?

SaaS Solution

SpamKill is a cloud email filtering solution that will solve your email security problems. It also ensures your email continuity.All your emails are filtered and safely stored temporarilly or archived across multiple datacenters.

Redundancy and Monitoring

SpamKill cloud is monitored on a 24/7 basis by certified enginners. Our cloud receives latest intel from billions of emails sent globally and distinguishes real emails.

Full Email Control & Integration

The most advanced system in the market which is compatible with any mail server. We provide you a very easy to use web GUI which has multiple options such as quarantine, log search, blacklist and whitelist options and more that give you full control of your emails. Even for a non IT user.

Extreme Support

SpamKill support team is a fast, skilled and friendly ninja task force at your disposal. If you feel troubled by anything at all, you can contact us 24×7. Your problem will be dealt with at once.

Tremendous cost saving

Not only you get the best service in the market but you also slash down costs. Our service is an enterprise class solution at a fraction of the cost of a typical UTM or other software solution and you get this as a service.

Ready in 60"

You can install and configure it out of the box within a minute. You don’t need to install anything on your existing mail server. After you buy, just change your MX records and you are all set !

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Are you under spam attack or mail bombed ? Do you want to break free from spammers and hackers ?
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